NHS Youth Forum

Branding, Graphic Design

Client: British Youth Council

Type: Graphic Design, Print Design

We were approached by the British Youth Council to develop a brand for the NHS’s new youth council, titled the NHS Youth Forum.

Creative Nerds worked closely to develop an on-brand logo, and brand pallet which compliments the already incorporated NHS England brand.

Not just for print, or web

A brand which evolves

Creative Nerds created a number of infographic flyers, and print elements for the British Youth Council, including lanyards and tshirts for members to wear.

It was important the brand worked across a number of different elements, in print, digital and social so Creative Nerds made sure the logo was scaleable and simple enough to recognise in small, and large print.

Putting it in print

Engaging audiences

It was also important for the British Youth Council that the NHS Youth Forum brand worked in brochures and end of year reports.

Creative Nerds produced findings from the charity movement in print brochures which bespoke icons and shape elements. The guide’s audience was to be varied with young people and stakeholders both reading it, so font sizing and style had to be clear and engaging to multiple audiences.